46th Circuit Friend of the Court

Payment of Support

All support payments must be submitted to the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MiSDU) in Lansing.

Payments should be mailed to: MiSDU Phone 1-877-543-2660

PO Box 30350

Lansing, Michigan 48909

When making a payment to the MiSDU, always include a coupon. Temporary coupons can be obtained from the Friend of the Court office, the MiSDU website or by calling the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR).

Online credit and debit card payments can also be made through the MiSDU website: www.misdu.com

If the Court requires you to make a “special instruction payment” the payment must be made at the Friend of the Court office in which your case is filed. Payment to the Friend of the Court must be in the form of cash, money order or certified checks. No personal checks are accepted by the local offices.

Disbursement of Support

All Support Payments are made electronically either through direct deposit or U.S. Bank debit card called ReliaCard. Allow three business days for the support payment to be deposited into your account/debit card.

The MiSDU will continue to print checks for refunds of overpayment of support and special circumstances when a checking or saving account is not available or you cannot use a debit card.

Child support may be disbursed differently to your account each month, however, by the end of the month you should receive your total current amount if ongoing payments are being made.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Case information is available through a 24 hour Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) by calling 1-877-543-2660. To access the information you will need a pin number (select when the first call is made), your Social Security number (for payment and enforcement information) and the correct three digit code for the county in which your case is filed. The county codes for the 46th Circuit Friend of the Court offices are as follows: Otsego County - 687, Crawford County - 272, Kalkaska County - 525.

You may speak with a customer service representative at the MiSDU by calling the IVR number and selecting option “0”.

Starting a Child Support Case

If a parent is not receiving public assistance on behalf of their child(ren) but wishes to start a court action to establish an order for the other parent to pay support, he/she can contact the Support Specialist Unit within the Office of Child Support in Lansing at 1-866-281-8031. If a parent is receiving public assistance, the Support Specialist will receive electronic referrals from the Department of Human Services and initiate a referral to establish a support order.

Support Specialists are responsible for the initiation and work to establish the legal rights of children for support from their parents in situation in which no divorce, family support, paternity of custody case exists.

Michigan Child Support Formula

By law, the Friend of the Court must utilize the Michigan Child Support Formula when making recommendations to the court regarding support. The Formula manual may be viewed at: